We sell Black Hills’ match-grade ammo by the case lot to serious shooters throughout the 49 free states. We regularly shoot, test and evaluate each type of ammo that we sell — we won’t sell it if we can’t stand behind it. OLDVIRGINIA is a service-driven company — we try to answer your questions about ammo and shooting.

We store our ammo at 75 degrees F, 40% humidity, in the dark all year round. Sent to us directly from the factory, we ship you sealed factory cases nestled inside our own shipping container. Your ammo is protected by our double boxing and comes to you in an exterior brown carton which further enhances your privacy.

At OLDVIRGINIA, your cc info is never entered into our computers. We run your card when we ship out your ammo and then shred your cc info.

Open 7 days a week; closed Christmas week.

OLDVIRGINIA specializes in:

…and much more!

If you don’t see the Black Hills’ ammo that you want on our website, give us a call at (760) 895-9574 or e-mail us with your best phone number at sales@oldvirginia.net and we’ll get it for you!

Thanks for shooting with OLDVIRGINIA!