Black Hills .223 75-gr Hornady Match HP

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1000-rd factory case (20 boxes, 50-rds per box)$857.00 +  UPS shipping.

500-rd case (10 boxes, 50-rds per box)..$429.50 +  UPS shipping.



Great target round! outta stock 

More coming.

  • Target round from Black Hills Ammunition.
  • High B.C., .395
  • Match primers
  • Maximum accuracy.
  • Black Hills brass and propellant
  • BTHP Hornady Match bullet
  • Muzzle velocity: 2760 fps
  • Super accurate at long distances
  • Smooth feeding
  • Stabilizes in 1/7” or 1/8” rifles.
  • A great range round.
  • As always, matching production lots.
  • Ships out double-boxed.
  • Ships out same day.
  • Stored in OLDVIRGINIA’s climate-controlled facility
  • 500-rd case, NEW ammo from Black Hills Ammunition


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