Black Hills 9mm 124 gr. JHP

500-rd case (25 boxes/20 rds-per-box)….. $436.88 + discounted shipping





Black Hills 9mm 124 gr. JHP

  • 25 boxes, 20 rds-per-box in a factory-sealed 500-rd case.
  • New brass, new production
  • Premium 124 gr. Hornady XTP JHP bullet.
  • Muzzle velocity: 1150 fps
  • Muzzle velocity: 364 ft. lbs.
  • Hit what yer shootin’ at..
  • Smooth running
  • Clean burning no matter how much you shoot it.
  • Great hunting or target round
  • Pleasant-shooting; quick follow-up shots.
  • Extremely accurate and reliable.
  • Ships out the same day that you order.
  • OLDVIRGINIA.NET stocks Black Hills ammo.


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