Black Hills 5.56 mm 77-gr. Tipped MatchKing Ammo


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  • Streamlined acetal resin-tipped MatchKing bullet for ultra-true trajectories.
  • Not more accurate than Mk262 Mod 1 but with longer legs and better terminal kinetics.
  • Bucks the wind well; retains energy downrange.
  • Match-grade jacket design provides maximum accuracy at all ranges.
  • Famous Black Hills Ammunition 5.56 mm Sierra loading in sealed factory case.
  • Ten boxes/50 rds. per box – 500-rds in each case.
  • Muzzle velocity from 20″ barrel: 2750 fps.
  • High BC retains accuracy and hitting power downrange.
  • Sierra 77-gr. Tipped MatchKing (TMK) bullet loaded into brand new 5.56 mm brass.
  • Mil. spec. brass with NATO headstamp, “LC” or “WCC” and date.
  • Crimped-in-place and sealed primers.
  • Predictable explosive expansion; good penetration.
  • Improved terminal ballistics; increased uniformity of performance and penetration.
  • Muzzle velocity: 2750 fps from 20” barrel.
  • B.C. of 0.420, G1 drag rating.
  • Cannelured; feeds great in semi- and bolt guns.
  • Accurate with 1-7”; 1 – 7.7″; 1-8” twist rifles.
  • Shoots farther than you can see!
  • Good performance out of short-barrels or long.
  • Good hunting round — excellent on hogs!
  • Good “wind” round for coyotes.
  • A true 1000-yard round with the proper rifle.
  • Matching production lots.
  • Stored in OLDVIRGINIA’s climate-controlled facility.
  • Ships to you double boxed in original factory case.
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