Black Hills .338 Lapua Magnum, 300-gr. Sierra MatchKing

Factory New, More coming.

Per 200-rd case (10 boxes, 20 rds-per-box) … Call

$1143.13 (free shipping)



Factory New. The Ultimate long distance loading!

More coming, order now.

  • Streamlined design for ultra flat trajectories out past “too far to see.”
  • Match grade jacket design provides maximum accuracy at all ranges.
  • Ultimate for long range accuracy.
  • Sierra MatchKing super slick bullet.
  • Hard hitting, even at super long distances.
  • B.C. of between .760 — .766.
  • Brand new reloadable brass.
  • Velocity: 2750 fps.
  • Energy: 5037 ft. lbs.
  • An “earth shaking” experience.
  • Give us a call: Ships out the same day!


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