Black Hills .300 Win Mag 190-gr. SMK Match


200-rd. case (10 boxes, 20 rds. per box)

500-rd. case (25 boxes, 20 rds. per box)….. (760) 895-9574

Each round is headstamped ‘BHA MATCH 300 WINMAG’



For long range power and accuracy

Out of stock, more coming.

  • Fresh from the factory, 200-rd. & 500-rd. cases
  • Black Hills .300 Win Mag 190-gr Match (HPBT)
  • Factory-sealed case
  • Extremely accurate
  • High B.C. Sierra MatchKing bullet:
    BC .533
  • Muzzle velocity: 2950 FPS
  • Energy: 3962 ft. lbs.
  • Effective range: 1441 yds
  • Temperature-stable powder
  • Ships out same day that you place your order
  • Ships double boxed
  • Desirable long distance ammo
  • Great ammo. Great service.


  1. John

    I have been shooting this ammo both in the military and civilian sectors for approximately 4 years and I must say it is amazing. I recently purchased 200 rounds of this ammunition from OV and after firing all of it from 100m to 1000m I have averaged .22 MOA groups. This ammunition is amazing at all ranges and OV always has it in stock. I will be buying more soon from OV.

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