Black Hills .308 168 gr. Sierra TMK Match Ammo

100-rd. case (5 boxes)….. $211.88  +  UPS shipping

Coming in, order now!

Finest .308 for semi-autos

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The best all-around .308 that you can shoot!  

Coming in, order now.

  • Upgrade your semi-auto rifle
  • More accurate than most guys can shoot.
  • OLDVIRGINIA shoots 700+ yards with 16″ barrel semi.
  • Smooth running with semi-autos.
  • Great target or hunting.
  • Sierra Tipped MatchKing bullet.
  • 2580 fps muzzle velocity from 16″ barrel.
  • High BC: .535.
  • Retains energy downrange.
  • Bucks the wind well.
  • Large, predictable temporary cavity.
  • Good penetration.
  • Great for large hogs.
  • Great for hunting white tail deer, etc.
  • Great as an LE sniper round.
  • As reliable and accurate as you’ll get.
  • Low fouling, sweet shooting.
  • Loaded into brand new Match brass
  • Packaged in 100-rd factory cases.
  • Email: [email protected]


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